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St Kitts Nevis Natural Resources

The term natural resources invoke visions of off shore oil platforms and open cast mines.

Other images which come to mind is those of shiny diamonds,precious stones, silver and gold.

Yet natural resources are all around us and abundant as well.
The natural resources of St Kitts and Nevis include arable land, sun, sea, wind and sand.

Only the sun, sea and sand are really exploited to make the federation great.

All the natural resources in SKN are renewable and utilizable, for their citizens.



The Sun is a big attraction. Tourists flock to the idyllic islands to bathe in the sunrays but the added value from the sun’s energy is yet to be harnessed.

The sun as an energy source


The sand is crushed rock now but soft enough to laze on. It contains silicon which is used to make solar panels.


The Sun is also instrumental in making sure that there is plenty of wind to drive wind turbines and produce electricity.

Wind generated power


The Caribbean is still pollution free and full of fish. And, this must continue to be a closely guarded resource.

Sea, salt and fish

Salt water

The salt water is rejuvenating, healthy life prolonging, and contains salt which are essential for life. The warm, calm waters are also good for swimming and water sports.

The value of salt

Arable land

The islands can become a food basket, if only a modest percentage of the agricultural potential is realised.

Arable land

More valuable than gas and oil

These natural resources are more valuable than gas, oil and minerals and, are environmentally friendly, renewable or in abundance. Yet, they are for the most part not exploited. Tourism rules! But in a financial downturn, tourism is usually the economy which takes the biggest knock.


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